- Songs from the heart of nature, inspiration from the depth of the soul -

Runahild is a nature soul whose love for nature gives birth to her artistic expression through music and photography. She lives of the land on an organic mountain farm in Western Norway, following the rythm of the northern seasons.

The Norse heathen and shamanic spirituality has been a great part of her life since her teenagerhood since the essence of it made her feel wholeheartedly home. It has been a main source of inspiration behind her project Eliwagar which she has been composing for since december 2006 and is still a strong influence with her side project as Runahild initiated in 2016.

While Eliwagar was often about dreaming herself away to a long forgotten past, to the mystical land of Hyperborea, Runahild's project takes deeper roots into spiritual experiences and inspiration from this lifetime.

Her compositions takes partly inspiration from drum circles she is being a part of from time to time where she experiences how everyone can harmonize to one an other in a very natural and deeply beautiful way. The voices being woven together on drum rythms transcending the soul with a pure feeling of extase, allowing the energies to flow freely and create visions for the soul to wander through.

Her compositions are either based on old folk instruments (lyre, zither, langeleik...etc), drum beat or a singing melody. Some songs and elements of Runahild's work are based on improvised recordings to try to recreate the atmosphere from drum circles when it is all about letting the energies of the moment guide the artistic work. . She gives more importance to the expression of energies so the final soundscape may remain rough and natural.

Runahild's sounds and lyrics are an attempt to compose a landscape that has been drawn before her eyes and soul...




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New album "Seidrúnar" out 27th october!

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Runahild - Seidgaldr

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