We are very Honored and Excited to have this Interview talk with runahild, she has become one of our favorite "heathen folk" musical artists as of late, and has really shown us that she really has much to offer us with her amazing musical talents and knowledge of how to incorporate and preserve the old and traditional ways.

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What an amazing year 2017 has been for Norway’s Runahild. Coming off of a top 10 album for me in 2016 with her other project Eliwagar (“I Vølven’s Vev”) she has created not one but two heathen folk masterpieces. “Seidgaldr” was released earlier this year and now with the follow up in “Seidrunar”, Runahild has taken yet another step forward with some additional ideas and instrumentation, varied vocal patterns and more. She took some time to answer questions in depth once again for us regarding the new album, the concept and continuation of this vein of overwhelmingly inspirational music.

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Depuis de nombreuses années par le biais de notre webzine nous avons toujours soutenu cette artiste hors du commun. Qui de plus légitime que Runahild pour incarner l'art musical dans sa forme la plus pure qui puisse exister. C'est pour cette raison que nous avons voulue en savoir plus sur ce personnage un peu à part dans la sphère de l'ode à la terre nourricière.

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Arriving officially on March 7th is the debut album from Norway’s Runahild. You may recognize Runahild as the vocalist and main musician with her more widely known project, Eliwagar. Her lastest Eliwagar album “I Vølven’s Vev” was one of my top albums from 2016. She has decided to release a new album entitled “Seidgaldr” under her namesake and embark on a new journey while still connected to her past travels. We had a very in depth discussion regarding the new album, the separation of the two projects, the overall process and many other things …….check it out!

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New album "Seidrúnar" out 27th october!

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Runahild - Seidgaldr

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